Immersion 2019

With so much to offer it is a gift to yourself and others…

YHM Immersion 2019

February 9th – March 10th

Elizabeth Pauncz

Long term student of Vanda Scaravelli and friend, teacher and mentor to Helen Noakes – Elizabeth Pauncz joins us from 27th Feb – 1st March on the Immersion in Goa, India Feb 2019. 

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Gary Carter

At the cutting edge of fascia research and anatomy of movement. Gary will be lecturing in anatomy and leading classes from the 21st -25th February.

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Ira is a Vedanta teacher who has studied the bhagavad gita for over 30 years. He will be sharing his knowledge in two lectures.

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Special Event

A sweat lodge ceremony is part of the YHM teacher training. It is a wonderful physical & emotional detox, a group bonding, and a catalyst for change. It is an event that will live long in the memory.


Helen, Steve & Ru

Your three full time teachers that have a lifetime of knowledge and experience to impart.

Helen Noakes, Steve Bracken, & Rupert Johnson are your three full time teachers. They will be with you for the whole of the immersion and will be able to give you one on one attention. This level of attention and detail will help you to be a more accomplished yoga teacher as it is the finer points of the practice where the magic lies.

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See for yourself…


Three meals a day plus snacks

of delicious vegetarian food.

The Retreat Centre

An eco friendly and beautiful location.

The perfect environment to relax and learn.

The Course

More info about the in-depth

content here.



Ask away.

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Improve Your Career

Whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher or a teacher who wishes to deepen their understanding, this training will give you invaluable tools that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Not only will this practice be a foundation upon which to build a career, it also goes deep into your bones and will be a lifelong friend.

To find out more details such as cost, payment schemes, or just to apply please send us an email.