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Q & A

What previous experience do i need to have to sign up for the Teacher Training

The YHM team treat each application on a personal basis depending on the reason to attend the Immersion.  We only require that each person has a regular self practice.

The teaching schedule for a typical day on the Immersion

Monday to Friday


7.15 AM tea
7.30 to 9 am self practice
9am to 10am breakfast
10 am to 11am anatomy or philosophy hour
11am to 1pm movement and practice session
1pm to 2pm lunch
4PM TO 5PM Anatomy or philosophy hour
5pm to 7pm movement and breathing practice
7pm dinner

Twice a week we will have feedback evenings. There are also some surprise events each week!


  • First Saturday of the training we hold an evening sweat lodge.
  • Each Saturday after we will hold 3 hour workshops in the morning.
  • The rest of the weekends are free. We will provide a large wholesome brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and the rest of the weekend you can eat out and explore the local delights of Goa.

A Few Reviews

This Yoga Teacher Training surpassed all my expectations. The composition of the programme, special chemistry of the teacher team, the venue – everything amounted to a truly once-in-a life-time experience!
This course has everything the top-class training should have: depth and authenticity, a possibility of personal exploration, the non-dogmatic, generous and open approach to yoga and yoga teaching (and I am speaking from a position of a lot of movement training.
Stellar caliber of the teachers, both individually and as a team, deserves a special mention.  Presence of Gary Carter and Elizabeth Pauncz as guest teachers was a special privilege. It’s not often one can find the cutting edge and the tradition hand in hand, passed along with such integrity. – Masha Gurina 2019

I participated to the Immersion in 2019. I thank YHM for this wonderful and unique experience. I felt free, happy, inspired, supported and thus learned tons… at a deeper level than “just intellect”. My yoga practice radically changed : I now truly do yoga because I enjoy it during I’m doing it, not only just benefitting from effects after …. Yoga now is effortless as opposed to me before trying to squeeze my body into shapes. It’s the best part of the day when “I’m going home” to exploring my inner state. It’s almost hypnotic, giving me a strong sensation of being happy about being alive, healthy, safe and powerful.It was seriously a life changing experience on how I view and feel my body and health ! I wish I could do it again! – Agnes 2019

This teacher team’s knowledge is one thing to rave about. I never thought I’d ever eagerly anticipate anatomy lessons as much as I did with Steve’s – even less being german, no native speaker. This TT met and surpassed every idea I had about deepening my knowledge through a TT.

The emotional chemistry between Helen, our great loving Yogini, Ru, master of spiritual fanciness and fascia guru Steve, their expertise presented with a superb sense of humour and understanding, their holding of space (4 weeks of intensive training in a group of strangers can become quite enduring), the visible joy of teaching – all combined more than confirmed my intuitive decision to participate in their first TT in 2014. Never doubted it for a second. I cannot think of a better teacher team and a better TT, to be sincerely honest. (No butt licking involved!).

I’d love to see more German yoga practitioners attending the future TTs – there are just too few of us in Germany. So whenever I am away from my own students there is one to step in and teach. Because there is no other yoga approach that even comes close to the way in which Vanda Scaravelli worked. It is a blessing – and there can always be many more of us. ~ Alke Von Kruszynski, 2014

My month immersion with YHM brought yoga home to me via the poetry of engaging the body in a path of enquiry rather than a goal oriented asana practice.

I had always believed yoga required a secret key I could not find, because I was not flexible enough nor always able to meet nor agree with the guidelines nor philosophy. This course handed me the key through transforming yoga from a doing to an open ended goal free journey of opening. This is yoga training for the future, a mature approach that liberates students from dogma, certificating them as potential teachers of enquiry led practice.

I can recommend it from my heart. ~ Aisha Wolfe, 2015

I am grateful to have been part of this process – group and personal wise – to have witnessed so many changes in people and in my own journey and perception of moving and movement. Creating space and finding connections within my body structure, getting in touch with all the fluid systems and becoming more aware of what the fascia actually is, made me realise that yoga asanas can just unfold. Undoing. Non-doing. Grounded. Listening to the bodies own intelligence. ~ Flurina Dominique Thali 2016


This training is accredited and approved by the INDEPENDENT YOGA NETWORK (IYN).  It is easy to obtain insurance and membership from them once you have completed the course. This qualification is internationally recognised.
All our teachers and the training are fully insured by the IYN.

Our belief is that the months intensive is a FOUNDATION towards becoming a yoga teacher, or to deepen your practice in this style of yoga.

How do I apply?

Send a message using the contact form on the website:

Contact Form

You will then receive an application form. Once you return this form we will guide you through the stages next steps. There are post and pre course assignments to complete along with a suggested book reading list.

What do I do to qualify and what happens after the course?

Upon completion of the teacher training you will be given a certificate of attendance followed by post course assignments. After a full assessment we then send out the qualifying certificate as endorsed by the Yoga Alliance. If for some reason we think you need more time to practice the YHM team will send out resources and guidance on where to improve your skills and a reassessment will be organised.

We offer on-going support via email and phone, a private group page on Facebook, webinars, and further training modules.

What’s different about what the YHM has to offer?

  • Three full time teachers
  • A strong focus on holistic health and the healing of painful conditions / injuries
  • Incorporating the sweatlodge into the training
  • Complementary practices and events as part of the training