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Yoga Health Mandala

A team dedicated to high quality Yoga and Movement trainings …

Helen Noakes

The Team

Helen is a yoga teacher inspired by the teachings and students of Vanda Scaravelli with Elizabeth Pauncz as her mentor and guide. She offers trainings in Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot pressure), which has a strong influence on her teaching style. Goa has been her second home for many years as well as enjoying leading yoga seminars and intensives in Europe, USA and Scandinavia. She is passionate about spontaneous, intuitive movement and ecstatic dance, bringing lightness and joy to our movement practise.

Steve Bracken

The Team

Steve is an experienced bodyworker and movement teacher specialising in musculoskeletal injuries, functional movement and rehabilitation.  He has studied soft tissue manipulation with KRI Jagadish in India as well as sports therapy, structural bodywork, and energy healing modalities. Steve has extensive experience facilitating sweat lodges and workshops. He has worked at many retreat centres around the world where he is known for his lively and spirited style.

Rupert Johnson

The Team

Rupert teaches Yoga, Qigong and Kung Fu and is a long term practitioner of Shamanic Healing in the Toltec tradition. He facilitates movement and meditation retreats and co-created the Shala 142 retreat space in Goa dedicated to music and the healing arts. He also combines body-work with sound vibration for individuals and also in groups. In addition to a personal teaching practice, he offers yoga training with the Yoga Health Mandala.

Guest Teachers

Gary Carter

Gary Carter is one of the foremost anatomy of movement teachers in the world of yoga, pilates, and movement.

He teaches yoga, dissection and anatomy courses, trains athletes, and has been active in raising the standard of knowledge in multi-training disciplines for many years.



Ira is a friend of the YHM team. He is a master scholar and Sanskrit expert, and has studied the Bhagavad Gita for over 30 years. His extensive travels in India since the late 60’s give his presence and lectures on Vedanta a witty and undeniably beautiful quality of depth.

He helps bring these ancient teachings into life and into the present moment. He has been a great success with our students and we are very grateful to have him give 2 lectures on our Training this year.