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The Yoga Health Mandala is a team dedicated to high quality Yoga and Movement trainings in the spirit of Vanda Scaravelli. They are designed to impart in-depth knowledge, backed by our ethos of encouraging movement and its teaching from the felt sense, with a strong emphasis on personal enquiry.

If the sincere invitation of ‘Awakening the Spine’ is of interest to you, then the YHM approach may be just what you’re looking for. Our practice is to shift bias from an ambitious doing, to an interest in feeling, sensing, and becoming receptive to what lays beneath the skin. It is an enquiry on all levels into what brings about the conditions for long lasting health.

YHM 200 hour yoga teaching training in Goa, India. 

15th February – 15th March 2020


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Ground Breath Spine…

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Cleansing and Vitality…

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Intuitive & Insightful…

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YHM Teacher Training

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Guest Teachers on our Training

Gary Carter

Gary Carter, the anatomy and movement genius at the forefront of fascia research will be teaching a series of workshops on the Immersion 2017. He brings news of his latest discoveries in connective tissue which can radically shift and inform your understanding of movement, performance, and health. This is a great opportunity to study with Gary.


Ira is a friend of the YHM team. He is a master scholar and Sanskrit expert, and has studied the Bhagavad Gita for over 30 years. His extensive travels in India since the late 60’s give his presence and lectures on Vedanta a witty and undeniably beautiful quality of depth.

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